"Transit Industry's Ultimate Recruiting Source"

People power is what makes public transportation run well.

It takes a special firm committed to the transportation industry to consistently seek and find today's multi-talented professionals in this high-pressured efficiency-driven economy. With nearly 20 years of experience, they have
been dedicated to doing just that for their clients from coast to coast.

Talent Search Consultants, LLC (Formerly Le Blanc Associates) is an a African-American woman-owned search firm, based in Southern California. Their experience covers the recruitment of mid-level to executive level professionals within private transit management companies and public transit agencies and corporations.

They survey prospects for a given position and present the most qualified industry-specific candidates from which a hiring decision can be made with confidence. Their ability to effectively do this comes from years spent conducting recruitment assignments and developing a solid outreach
strategy and professional network.

It has been their mission since it's founding in 1986 to deliver the highest quality of service with discretion and integrity. Ninety-eight percent of the search assignments conducted by Talent Search Consultants, LLC (Formerly Le Blanc Associates) for transit focused positions were successful in producing a pool of qualified candidates possessing a demonstrated ability to perform in the capacity outlined by their client.

They invest the time to understand your business, its philosophy and values because - the right hire is everything!