"Transit Industry's Ultimate Recruiting Source"

Helping the transportation industry get where it wants to go takes planning.

Talent Search Consultants, LLC (Formerly Le Blanc Associates) is the ultimate recruiting source for the transit industry,
with 20 years of experience in the following areas:

Executive Search
Talent Search Consultants, LLC (Formerly Le Blanc Associates) has the contacts and expertise to find the best possible candidates for key position vacancies. Their process includes:

Develop Understanding of Client's Needs
Define the Position Description
Develop Advertising Campaign and Outreach Strategy
Review database for Viable Candidates
Contact Professional Organizations and Trade Associations
Conduct Active Recruitment
Review, Access, Pre-Screen, and Present Candidates
Assist with Negotiation and Follow-up
Additional Support
Trend Analysis
Client Counsel
Face-to-face Outreach Network
The Registry - (customized compilation of positions targeted for a specific recruitment strategy)